Mississippi Seven

The photo is taken when Mississippi Seven was formed.

This is a happy jazz band

Traditional jazz classics from 1920 to 1940

Celebrating more than 25 years of Hot Jaz.! Mississippi Seven is a seven piece band that recycles golden oldies and happy, snappy tunes from the bitter-sweet epoch when hot jazz was spreading up the lazy river on Mississippi paddle steamers to gin mills and ball rooms in Chicago and New York. The band was formed 1992 at the local jazz club in Norrtelje. In 1998 Mississippi Seven was voted Swedish Masters of Happy Jazz. Hans Brandgård, trombone, and Anders Alm, alto saxophone, were decorated with the Friends of Swedish Trad Jazz Armstrong-award. Click on Watch & Listen for video and sound clips. As you will hear, the repertoire includes both well known evergreens, jazz classics and some unusual melodies -- fast numbers as well as ballads. Mississippi Seven gives splendour to your festival, concert, event or dance party and we look forward to hearing from you.

Bengt Jansson - cornet (autumn 2019: Bent Persson)

"Bengan" has in the past played with Pingvin Jazzmen and Eh La Baz Jazz Band. His interest in jazz was raised at Nalen where he would go twice a week in the fifties.  At this famous jazz establishment he danced to bands like Whiskey Bottle Slickers, Hep Cats and Carl Henric Norin's, Arne Domnérus', Charles Redland's and Thore Ehrling's orchestras. His inspiration got an extra boost from listening live to Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Frank Sinatra, Gene Krupa, Sarah Vaughan and other jazz stars. When Bengan traps down this autumn he will be replaced by Bent Persson, on of the most skilled Armstrong interpreters and who has played all over the world.

Band members

In Memoriam

Anders Alm - alto saxophone & vocal

To be honest the alto saxophone is just one of many woodwind instruments that Anders plays. The gigantic bass saxophone is however not in his collection nowadays. He keeps his clarinet in shape by playing classical compositions. Apart from playing the alto saxophone in Mississippi Seven, Anders keeps track on an impressive amount of song texts that he sings not only in English but also in Swedish, German and (we guess) in Polish. In addition to Mississippi Seven he plays in Cave Stompers and The Ragamuffins and is often a sought after substitute in various bands. And he has had the pleasure of performing with trumpet players Wild Bill Davison and Buck Clayton.

Hans Brandgård - trombone & vocal

Hans has been playing traditional jazz since his early years, varying from early New Orleans style to swing. His trombone, a King 2B+, has been his favourite since 1993. Some of the musicians "Hasse" have as role models are trombonists Miff Mole, J C Higginbotham and Roy Williams, and also Jabbo Smith, Red Nichols, Coleman Hawkins and Louis Armstrong. In addition to Mississippi Seven Hasse plays with The Ragamuffins and Imperial Band and previously with Svensk Ramelorkester, Doc's Gang, The Royal Blue Melodians and High Society. He has also substituted in for example Kustbandet, Classic Jazzband and Old Time Six. He is an appreciated vocalist (sometimes in crooner style)

Bertil Ekman - drums & vocal

Drummer Bertil is a lover of small band swing and especially when they are nicely arranged. He also plays in The Ragamuffins, temporary constellations and some banquet bands. Enjoys botanising through the hide aways of older jazz in order to find melodical popular songs well worth being revived. During Mississippi Seven's gigs Bertil often presents highly (un)likely facts or tales about melodies, composers and musicians. Or tells a good joke -- or so he thinks. He is no stranger to singing a song or two and if his confidence boosts we might hear him sing  "J'attendrai" in five languages. When not playing jazz Bertil enjoys art works, novels and exciting short stories.

Gösta Colliander - piano & accordion

If you can count money you can count chords. Gösta is a former bank manager and most likely the only one who's had a grand piano in his office. A fact that the well-renowned bank used in it's advertising. In addition to piano Gösta plays the banjo and accordion. 1992 he was one of the initiators of starting Mississippi Seven and Norrtälje jazz club where we for a number of year were the house band. Gösta has also been a driving force of the Norrtälje jazz festival where Mississippi Seven has participated every year since the start. Göstas has received the Norrtälje cultural prize due to his commitment to jazz music.

Lars Ireblad - sousaphone

His instrument, the sousaphon, is like the sun -- big, yellow and round. Unfortunately it isn't made out of gold which otherwise would have been a nice pension insurance for the band. Unlike a tuba the bell of the sousaphone points forward. This inventive construction was designed by the american composer and conductor John Philip Sousa to allow it to be used in marching bands. It makes the sound follow the band instead of going up in the sky.  "Lasse" also plays in a brass band and is happy to bring his guitar or violin to any occasion. Or he might sit down at the piano to deliver a jazzy piece in Erroll Garner style.

Boa Carlman - banjo and tenor guitar

Boa (named Claes-Göran) started playing skiffle in the 1950s and later on jazz from time to time, something he took up again in the 21th century. In the meantime Boa focused on curling where he competed both in Sweden and in a number of other countries. He has won the Swedish Championship four times and have also competed in four Word Championships where his team won in 1973.  After putting his stones, brush and curling shoes away he managed a construction company until his old interest in jazz re-emerged. In addition to Mississippi Seven Boa is a member of (among others) Fred Hot Peppers and Old Boy Stompers where he plays both his tenor banjo and the Levin manufactured tenor guitar from 1936.

Christer Wiklander - banjo

He gave our band the name Mississippi Seven, played his banjo in the band for two decades and made sure that the bands harmony books always were up to date. Illness however forced Christer to stop playing his beautiful Bacon & Day Silver Bell No 1-banjo. Christer always had ideas on how to develop the band. His career as copywriter was rewarded with a total of seven "Golden eggs", the top award within the advertising business and his book "Sälj det med ord" (Sell it with words) rapidly became somewhat of a bible in the advertising industry. Christer was involved in the band and its future up until passing away in December 2017.